Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have drum kits and amplifiers available?”

Yes, we have drum kits and bass/guitar amplifiers for hire. The cost per item is $10 and must be booked in advance.


What time can I book a rehearsal?”

The facilities are open from 9am to midnight, seven days a week including public holidays.

You can book a studio for any time slot for a minimum of two hours. Unlike other studios, we don’t offer our rooms for back to back bookings so you won’t have another band waiting to use your room as you finish. Many of our customers really appreciate not being hurried out the door to make way for the next booking. 


Are there any stairs?”

We have two studios, (The Cavern and The Marquee) that are at ground level with no stairs. One studio, The Whiskey A Go Go is up one flight of stairs.


What’s the parking like?”

We have ample parking and you can drive your car right to the front door for unloading purposes. 


Do you have gear storage facilities?”

Unfortunately no.  You will need to take your gear away at the completion of your rehearsal.


"How much do your rehearsal studios cost?"

All our studios can be hired for a minimum of 2 hours for $60. Each additional hour is charged at $15 per hour.


“Help!!  I'm in a rehearsal studio right now and I can't work out how to use the PA!!!

Firstly, don't panic.  Click on the name of the room you are in and you will be taken to the PA instructions that will help you.

Cavern   Marquee   Whisky a Go Go


"Do you hire PA sound systems?"

Yes we do. We can provide drive away, self operated or fully operated systems.  See our Sound Production Services page for details.


"Do you hire stage lights?"

Yes we do. We have LED and traditional par 56 cans with chaser available with our operated sound production packages.


"Do you have recording facilities?"

Yes we do. See our Recording Services page.


"What does recording time cost?"

Recording rates are $150 per hour.  This includes the studio and your engineer.


If your question doesn't appear here, please feel free to contact us for more help