About Headland Music Studios

Headland Music Studios, formerly Continuumusic (same guys, same place, new name), has been in operation since 1997. 

We’ve heard many great bands playing in our studios over the past two decades and we’ve enjoyed playing host to a wide range of local and touring musicians of all different styles.

Being musos ourselves, we understand the importance of having the right space in which to make your sound. Good acoustics, quality equipment and a welcoming vibe in the room is most important. We’re always improving the facilities to make your experience as enjoyable and productive as possible.

The place has always been great and is only getting better but, the former name, Continuumusic was frankly….stupid. It’s too hard to say, too hard to spell, and too hard to find. It is time for a change.

So, after more than twenty years, it’s out with Continuumusic and in with Headland Music Studios.  It says where we are (Headland Road, North Curl Curl), and what we are (music studios).  

We’ll still continue to offer the great vibe of the studio and our expertise with recording and live sound production that we have since we were the fresh faced young guys you see to the left, hopefully for the next twenty years or so!

Nikk Carmichael & Paul Kolbe

Proprietors - Headland Music Studios