I seem to always start off a blog apologising for not having written a blog for so long.

As is the tradition…. I apologise for not having written a blog for so long.  

Point is, you can’t churn these things out and have any real meaning to them if you treat it like a sausage factory.  I don’t think it does anybody any favours if I write stuff when I don’t have something to say just for the sake of having a “presence”.  I think the internet’s getting fairly full of stuff like that already.

So no more apologies from me.  I’ll write when I feel compelled to write and have something interesting to say.

I have something interesting to say.

Reason for writing today is a sort of “big announcement”.

Well, it’s not that big but y’all need to know.

We have changed the name of the studio!

Seriously…. Did anyone really think Continuumusic was a good name???

We thought we were so clever back in 1997.  Thinking outside the box, rebelling against convention….. Those were the days.  Young and impetuous, carefree and windswept.

But it was so stupid in its cleverness.  Very few could pronounce it so it got bastardised in every thank you from an on stage dignitary, misspelled on countelss CD covers and really lost on everybody.  It always needed an explanation….. And then have that backed up by us spelling it out.

We persevered with it for over 20 years nonetheless.

But everyone has to grow up sometime.  The studio as well.  

The best name for the place from any kind of business perspective would be a statement of “Where are you and what do you do”.  An elevator pitch…. All in the name.

We are in Headland Road in North Curl Curl.

So… Headland.

What do we do?

We have music studios.


Headland Music Studios.

I know it’s not that sexy… In comparison to Continuumusic it’s down right dull! 

If you think of it from a conversational point of view though……

Okay, a conversation I have pretty much every time I tell someone the name…..

Me:  It’s called Continuumusic.

Other person:  What was that?

Me:  Continuumusic

Other person:  Continue Music?

Me:  No. Continuumusic.

Me:  C O N T I N U……….

You get the picture.  


Other person:  What’s the name of your business?

Me:  Headland Music Studios.

Other person:  *nods*

We’re done.  

Says where we are and what we do.

It’s easy to pronounce, it’s easy to spell.  You seriously can not fuck this up.

I might also mention that in the most heavily cliched of ways, we have adpoted a lighthouse as our logo.

I can almost feel you seeing how many fingers you can stick down the back of your throat with that statement..

Once again, “Where is your business?”   Nothing says “Headland” like a lighthouse!  I know, we don’t actually have a lighthouse in North Curl Curl… It’s beside the point.

And with that, we are Headland Music Studios.

We are still the same old guys that have run it since 1997.  It’s in the same location (duh…. Where is it? Headland Road!!  See how good correct branding is?). The studios, haven’t changed, though we do continue to do upgrades constantly and we are very excited about the new desk we have just installed in the recording studio.  (Umm that might be a blog for next week.)

What will change is the signage and, more importantly our web page!!  (which you are already on of course.)

So…. Tah Da!!!  This is our new web page.  I’m super excited about this (and I imagine you are too!  lol.)


We’d love you to come and have a look.  I built this myself and I’m fairly proud of it.  More so as it has a whole bunch of photos from our 20 plus years in business so the whole thing, apart from being a useful resource for online studio bookings and information about the studio, is a bit of a tribute to all that Continuumusic has been throughout the years.

Have a poke around and go to all the pages.  Let me know what you think. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a major improvement on the old Conti one.

We’ve also simplified the online rehearsal studio bookings system.  Hopefully that will please those of you who are regular users of that.


Headland Music Studios